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Dunlop Roofing & Manufacturing was founded in Madison, Georgia in 1997 by Mike Dunn.

Prior to founding Dunlop Roofing, Mr. Dunn Started his career working for the largest roofing manufacturers in the United States. Mr. Dunn utilized the best practices and products learned in his twenty years of industry experience and tenure and opened Dunlop Roofing with the goal of ensuring roofing is done the right way. After twenty-five years, Dunlop Roofing & Manufacturing continues to provide the best customer satisfaction and service to the Southeastern Region of the United States.

Dunlop Roofing & Manufacturing is knowledgeable with all asphaltic products, single-ply membrane products, spray-on roofing systems, coating systems, and metal roofing. We offer all-inclusive services from consultation and evaluation, repair and restoration, and complete and complete roof retrofits and replacement. Our warranties are superior to the roofing industry as they range from 20 to 30 years and are backed with single-source responsibility. Not only do we warranty our work longer that the industry standard, we also complete annual inspections of our customers' roofs free of charge. We are a full-service roofing contractor that stands behind the work that we do.

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TPO Roof Replacement

TPO Roof Replacement

Get a quote for a new TPO Roof System with up to a 30-year warranty.

Roof Repair

Roof Repair

Dunlop Roofing has the experience to make quality repairs on all commercial roof systems

Roof Consultation and Testing

Roof Consultation and Testing

Good up-front evaluation is essential for roof repairs or roof replacement.

Metal Roof Retrofits

Metal Roof Retrofits

Convert your metal roof panels to a conventional TPO roofing system. Upgrade your existing metal roof structure to insulated or non-insulated TPO.

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A Roof Evaluation will help you learn more about your roof. Click the links below:

TPO Roof Replacement Services to revamp your building's appeal
Roof Restoration Services to extend your roof's life span
Metal Roof Retrofits to give you a lasting, efficient system
Roof Repair Services to get rid of any roof leaks
Roof Consultation and Testing to keep our clients informed about their roof
TPO Roofing Services to add membrane roofing for a sturdier roof

Dunlop Roofing & Manufacturing, LLC - Commercial Roofing Done Right!


Work with a roofing company that cares

When you work with our team, you'll recognize our high level of professionalism. You'll appreciate that:

  • We've been in business for over two decades
  • We can work on all kinds of commercial roofing systems
  • We offer free roofing consultation and testing services
  • We offer services for the South Eastern United States to include: Texas, Arkansas, Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, and North Carolina. Contact us now to learn more about our roofing services. Call 706-342-0055



    Dunlop Roofing & Manufacturing is a full service, single sourced roofing company serving the Southeast Region based in Madison and Athens, GA.


    We offer free roofing inspections utilizing state of the art infrared devices that detect water intrusion that would otherwise not be visible. Leaking roofs cause serious problems. We'll find the root of the issue and repair your roof in no time using proven techniques and top-notch materials.

    When it comes to our roof replacement service, there's no project we can't handle. We can replace roofs that were designed poorly, have storm damage and/or are old and run-down.

    If roof replacement is not an option, we can restore your roof's functionality and protect your building from roof leaks.

    We do roofing the right way and stand behind the work that we do with our repair and installation warranties. Additionally, we provide annual warranty inspections at no cost to the owner with all of our roofing replacement jobs.