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Find out why property owners choose us for TPO roofing services

Have you considered Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) membrane roofing for your commercial property? TPO roofing services are an extremely popular membrane roofing option and Dunlop Roofing & Manufacturing, LLC can install it for you.

Why should you choose TPO for your next project?

Why should you choose TPO for your next project?

TPO membrane roofing is the best choice for your new commercial roof due to its...

  • Fantastic value: TPO has excellent performance at a cost-effective price. We also offer extended warranties on all of our installations.
  • Excellent seam strength: TPO seams are heat-welded and provide greater seam strength than taped and adhesive style seams.
  • Long-term weathering: TPO has excellent long-term heat and UV resistance. It truly stands up to the harshest weather environments.
  • Energy-saving potential: TPO is a highly reflective material. The emissive white surface of TPO can assist in reducing energy costs and minimize the impacts of urban "heat islands."
  • Inherently flexible material: TPO is a flexible material that does not require plasticizer chemicals to make material softer and more flexible like PVC-based products. Because TPO is so flexible, it can easily be applied in tight corners and on edges to conform to your structure.
  • Fungal resistance: TPO is naturally fungal-resistant. Because of the natural resistance to fungi, TPO does not require any biocide treatments.
  • Versatile application: TPO is a versatile material and can be applied to high-performance roofs that require high wind uplift. In addition, TPO has increased puncture resistance and is a quick and economical roof installation solution.
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