Keep Up to Date On Your Roof With a Roof Evaluation

Discover the importance of a roof inspection from Dunlop Roofing & Manufacturing, LLC based in Madison & Athens, GA

A quality roof inspection is essential in determining the overall condition of your roof. An honest and accurate roof evaluation can result in preventative roof repairs, roof restorations and complete roof replacements. Detailed evaluations performed by Dunlop Roofing & Manufacturing can aid in determining the life cycle of your roof and how much useful life is left. Our findings provide precise roof consultations to our customers that determine the condition of your roof and if repair or restoration is needed.

Your roof is quintessentially the most important part of your property's structure and is often the most overlooked. A roof inspection can proactively determine if repairs or restorations are needed now or in the future to maximize the useful lifespan of your existing roof and potentially avoid unplanned and costly roof repairs and full roof replacements.

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Infrared Roof Testing

Infrared Roof Testing

Dunlop Roofing & Manufacturing provides infrared roof testing as a standard service for a roof inspection that is offered to all of our customers. When we complete a Thermoscan of your roof, we are measuring for the loss of heat in areas where water damage may have occurred. Infrared testing is a precise and accurate application that removes and inaccuracy or assumption of the condition of your roof.

Non-destructive Source Confirmation Testing

An electric capacitance test sends electric current into the roof assembly and provides an exact level of moisture reading in the percentage of volume saturation levels. Nuclear Testing sends electrons into the roof assembly which collide with water molecules and provides a direct reading of the level of saturation detected.

Core Cut Testing

Core cut testing determines what options are available to meet state building codes and insurance requirements.