Boost the Life Expectancy of Your Roofing System

We offer Roof Restoration Services all over the Southeastern United States

As a business owner, you know that roofs can get pricey. So, try to keep your roof in good shape for as long as possible. Look to Dunlop Roofing & Manufacturing, LLC for roof restoration services based out of Athens and Madison, GA and serving the southeastern United States.

You can get our services to increase the life span of your roof by at least five years. Call 706-342-0055 to schedule roof restoration services today.

Why should you consider roof restoration services?

  • Roof restoration is a more affordable solution than full roof replacement in most cases.
  • Roof Restoration restores your roof's functionality and is intended to improve the overall health of your existing roof. Roof restoration is more economically and environmentally friendly as the restoration reuses parts and components of your original roof.
  • roof restoration services of up to 5-15 years depending on the conditions of your existing roof. Our extended warranties are an exception to the industry standard 4-year warranty.
  • Our roof restoration services will leave your roof looking and feeling as if its brand new!

    We are confident that you will recognize the many benefits of our roof restoration services and we would love the opportunity to complete your roof evaluation today!

  • Products we use:

    Products we use:

    1. Single Ply Membranes,TPO, EPDM, PVC, EP, CSPE, and CPA's.
    2. Modified Bitumen - Bituminous Reinforced membrane -Asphaltic Products
    3. Built Up Roof Systems
    4. Coating Systems
    5. Spray on Systems
    6. Metal Roofing
    7. Commercial Shingles

    With many manufactures competing for the owners business, Contractors need to understand how important chemical compatibility is with the product and what products are effective. We see some roof contractors apply materials that are not compatible and they fail very quickly causing the owner to have to pay for a clean up and a new repair. This often means new materials must be stripped in. Electronic Roof Testing (Thermoscan) is available to help our customers or owners confidence in our recommendations. This technology helps us recommend only the options that are suitable for your facility.

    Dunlop has 25 years of experience working with state of the art products and repairing technologies. We have years of experience with the in and outs of the roofing industry to make the best decision for your roof repair or replacement. Using good quality repair products and good installation methods, leads to successful long term repairs that are backed up without extended warranties.